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Kyaukme, a small town in the Northen Shan state with many mountains surrounded means it is possible to go trekking in this area. There are still some local ethnic groups such as Palaung and Lisu living in the mountains around Kyaume. Most tourists often venture out around Hsipaw and Kalaw which are considered as the best trekking in Myanmar. But Kyaukme offering a trek off the tourist trail is a good chance to experience something different and unique. Kyaukme has quiet and peaceful surroundings. It should be also discovered as a new trekking destination.
           The trekking is usually to Palaung villages. The Palaung which are the main ethnic group in the area, make a living from cultivating and trading tea, cutting wood and trading herbal plants. Originally, Palaung descended from the mountains in the South of China thousands of years ago. There are many types of Palaung but only two in this region. They are Shwe Palaung (Gold Palaung), Ngwe Palaung (Silver Palaung). The color of the belt made of bamboo and a kind of long grass tells the difference either Gold or Silver Palaung. They have beautiful traditional costume weaved of fabrics in different colors. Some families still live in the typical houses made of bamboo and thatch and with a small garden in front. What is more interesting is their culture and religion. They consider themselves as Buddhists but they are more in spiritual believes. Each village has a beautiful Nat Shrine. They call it Zhao Main which means King of Nat.


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