Ballooning @ Bagan
Fisherman @ Inle lake
Sunset @ U Bein Bridge
Royal Palace @ Mandalay
Tattooed lady @ Chin State

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Myanmar is a small and beautiful country in Southeast Asia. But even though it is small, Myanmar has an abundance of stunning natural resources, both above and below ground. The beauty of this wonderful country is highlighted by magnificent forests and rivers; an unchanging, natural environment, and a polite and friendly way of life.

Myanmar shares borders with India, Bangladesh, China (Yunnan), Laos and Thailand. It has an area of 676,577 square kilometres, with a comfortable climate. The natural, unspoilt splendour can mean it’s impossible to recognize certain specific points as tourist destinations - however about 99% of the country is able to be enjoyed by our foreign friends.

Myanmar can be roughly divided into three regions – northern, middle and southern. In the north there is a 5,881-metre-high snow mountain, inhabited by some rare ethnic tribes. This pristine environment is known as the most beautiful part of Myanmar, and is a wonderful place for overseas visitors to enjoy. The middle of Myanmar has a dry season and is a must-visit destination, with centuries-old historical structures, majestic pagodas and innumerable palaces. And the southern region is home to acres of rice and other edible crops, where the simple daily life of hardworking, friendly farmers can be seen and experienced.

Amongst all this beauty – both natural and cultural – one thing is for sure. You will never forget the friendliness and lovely smiles of the Myanmar people.

Historically, Burmese art was based on Buddhist or Hindu cosmology and myths. There are several regional styles of Buddha images, each with certain distinctive characteristics. For example, the Mandalay style, which developed in the late 1800s, consists of an oval-shaped Buddha with realistic features, including naturally curved eyebrows, smaller but still prominent ears, and a draping robe.

Our Tour Programmes

Cycling @ the country side
12 Aug

Day 1 – Sagaing – Ava – Amarapura

10 Aug

Amarapura – Sagaing- Mingun-Mandalay

10 Aug

Take a morning ride to outskirts of Mandalay, grab a bike, leave the hotel and cycle to northeast of Mandalay.

25 Jun

The last frontier village Ziyardam Trip (1068 meters) and White Water Rafting

25 Jun

Namlang White Water Rafting Expedition

20 Jun

Mandalay – Amarapura – Ava – Saging – Mingun – Monywa – Pakokku – Bagan – Mount Popa – Heho – Inle lake – Indain -  Dhala

20 Jun

One day trip to elephant camp

19 Jun

Special visit to Ayerwaddy river to see how the dolphins co-operate with fishermen

17 Jun

Siem Reap Arrival - Angkor National Museum - Angkor Temples - Beng Melea- Kompong Khleang - Departure

17 Jun

Siem Reap Arrival - Tonle Sap - Angkor  Temples - Old Market – Departure

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